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The Halliday Wine Companion Podcast

Here at Halliday Wine Companion, we’re always looking for new and engaging ways to talk with you about the topics you love. That’s why we’ve launched a podcast mini-series about cellaring aimed to educate and entertain.

Pop in your earphones and listen to Halliday magazine editor Amelia Ball talk with our expert panel of reviewers and wine people in the know about everything from the basics of cellaring to finding the elusive ‘right time’ to open that bottle of wine, as well as recommendations for your Virtual Cellar.

When we last asked you about cellaring, so many of you wanted to join the conversation (3602 of you, to be exact). There’s a real blend of skill and art that goes into building a stellar wine collection. It’s personal – a culmination of your tastes and experiences – but there are also some ABCs that every wine lover should know. In this six-part audio series, we’ll arm you with all the information you need to achieve beautifully aged wines.

Listen below and keep an eye on our website and social channels to hear our new episodes.

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How to listen

The Halliday Wine Companion podcast is available to subscribe or download wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you don’t currently listen but would like to, read on.

Podcasts are just like a radio show you can listen to anytime on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

To listen you need either of the following:

  1.     - A website that’s published the podcast you’d like to listen to.
  2.     - A podcast app on your phone or tablet.

Suggested podcast apps available on all platforms are Pocket Casts and Overcasts.


Listening on an iPhone or iPad is easy as the Apple Podcast app is likely already on the device. If you can’t find it search “podcast” on the device home screen.

If you can’t find it download the podcast app from the App Store.

  1.     - Open the podcast app and locate the search button at the bottom right of the screen.
  2.     - Click on search and up the top of the screen type “Halliday Wine Companion”
  3.     - You should see the familiar Halliday logo come up in the search results.
  4.     - From there, click on the icon, click subscribe and choose an episode to listen to.

When a new episode is published you’ll see it appear in the “Listen Now” and “Library” tabs down the bottom of the screen.

To be notified about new episode's change the notifications in the podcast app settings.

Settings > Podcasts > Notifications > Allow notifications


Updated Android phones and tablets may already have the new Google Podcasts app installed.

Search for it in the device’s home screen.

If not, download one of the many Android operating system podcast apps available in the Google Play Store.

We recommend using Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts or Overcast.

  1.     - Once the app is downloaded open it and find the search function.
  2.     - Search for “Halliday Wine Companion”.
  3.     - Click the correct icon and then ‘subscribe’ to receive new episodes automatically.

Some functions may differ slightly depending on which podcast app you downloaded.

In each of the apps there will be a library or feed function that can be viewed to see if new episodes have been added.

Alternatively, access your phone or tablet’s settings to have the podcast app notify you of new podcast episodes.

Settings > [Name of podcast app] > Notifications > Allow notifications


There are two easy ways of listening on desktop.

Bookmark your preference -

Omny Player -

Share the podcast

Share the Halliday Wine Companion podcast with friends and family who also have a love of wine.

If you’re using a podcast app click the share button next to an episode and choose which platform to share it on.

Alternatively, paste this link into a post on the social platforms you use

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