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Autumnal Wines to Get to Know

The transitional season of autumn calls for rich, decadent flavours, with our preferences leaning towards more textural wines.

Welcome to autumn. It's when daylight slowly decreases, nature unwinds, and when bringing an extra layer is always a good idea. And as the autumn leaves deepen in colour, so too do our autumn wine choices with darker, more textural styles coming to the fore. Here’s your complete autumnal wine list with food pairings, to stock your cupboards full this colourful season.

Wine grapes on the vine in autumn

Autumnal Red Wines

Those lighter-style chilled reds you’ve been enjoying all summer are still an optimal choice for the cooler moments of autumn, although now is the time to enjoy your pinot noir, grenache and blends, and gamay wines at room temperature.These are all fantastic autumnal wines.

Pinot noir is a delicate, layered wine featuring bright red fruits: think cranberry, cherry and raspberry. It’s particularly flavoursome, and ideal with roasted meats, and rich salmon and tuna dishes.

Gamay is a rustic red, with pomegranate and blackberry characters creating a versatile wine to be enjoyed with many dishes. It’s especially good as a barbecue beverage, pairing beautifully with chargrilled flavours.

As the temperature drops and the temptation to stay in and unwind rises, we begin to crave richer, full-bodied reds to accompany your autumn indulging. Try grenache and its many blends, with deep red fruit flavours. It’s great alongside roasts – vegetable or meat. And when produced as a ruby-tinted rosé with light berry flavours, it works wonders with dishes made with spices – try Indian and Midden Eastern dishes.

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Autumnal White Wines

Now that autumn’s arrived, crisp and fresh whites tend to make way for heavier, more textural styles on your autumnal wine list.

Try introducing oaked chardonnay to the mix, which develops with characters such as rich stone fruit flavours and butter – vanilla and caramel elements can also sometimes show too. Enjoy oaked chardonnay with pastries, pies, buttery sauces and decadent shellfish or chicken dishes.

Viognier is another compelling white, with flavours that can include tangerine, peach, mango, honeysuckle and even roses. Enjoy viognier with exotic dishes featuring citrus, such as orange chicken, turkey with cranberry chutney, or any type of curry with lemon to garnish.

Roussanne is a full-bodied white celebrated for its intriguing flavours of beeswax, brioche, apricot and sweet citrus. When enjoying indulgent treats including paté, crab or veal, roussanne is a compatible partner.

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Autumnal Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines can always be enjoyed at any time of year – not just for celebrations. Prosecco is a fine friend for autumn-centric starters, including frittatas, pies and quiches. Sparkling rosé is fantastic with caramelised flavours including onions and mushrooms, and when you're frolicking within the leaves while enjoying a picnic this autumn, enjoy a vintage Australian sparkling with your snacks.

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