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Whether you have one bottle or 10,000 bottles, one storage location or 100 storage locations, the Virtual Cellar on Wine Companion will let you manage your collection more accurately and efficiently than any other cellaring tool available. It's been built using feedback and suggestions from Wine Companion’s 100 most active wine collectors and is designed to allow any wine collector to accurately record and store details of their actual real-world cellars.

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  • 60,000 wines

    Access to James' 60,000 tasting notes via your virtual cellar

  • multiple storage locations

    Create multiple storage locations for your wines

  • international wines

    Store any wine, whether international or Australian

  • add wine pricing

    Add pricing and value information to any wine

  • I wishlist

    Create a wish-list of wines you'd like to acquire

  • wine search

    Search your virtual cellar easily and efficiently

  • email alerts

    Set custom alerts for drinking your wines

  • wine tasting notes

    Add your own tasting notes and comments to any wine

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