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Affleck is owned by the Hendry family, the name a corruption of the Scottish achadh-nan-leac, which means field of stones, a property in Scotland occupied by the Hendry family for more than 250 years. The vineyard is planted to 0.5ha each of chardonnay, pinot noir and shiraz. It is situated on the shale of the Lake George Escarpment, at an altitude of 800m. Picking takes place around April/May, firmly putting it in the cool climate brigade. -JAMES HALLIDAY



Winemaker Ian Hendry
Established 1976
Dozens 400
Vineyards (area) 1.5 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Fri-Tues 10–5 (closed June-Aug)
Address 154 Millynn Road, Bungendore, NSW 2621
Telephone 0415 484 113