Mount Eyre Vineyards

New South Wales | Hunter Valley

James' Review

This is the venture of two families whose involvement in wine extends back several centuries in an unbroken line: the Tsironis family in the Peleponnese, Greece; and the Iannuzzi family in Vallo della Lucania, Italy. Their largest vineyard is at Broke, with a smaller vineyard at Pokolbin. The three principal varieties planted are chardonnay, shiraz and semillon, with small amounts of merlot, viognier, chambourcin, verdelho, negro amaro, fiano and nero d'Avola.


Winemaker Andrew Spinaze, Mark Richardson, Michael McManus
Established 1970
Dozens 3000
Vineyards (area) 45.5 ha
Opening Hours At Garden Cellars, Hunter Valley Gardens
Address 173 Gillards Road, Pokolbin, NSW 2320
Telephone 0438 683 973