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James' Review

Owner Matt East's interest in wine began at an early age while he was growing up in the Yarra Valley and watching his father plant a vineyard in Coldstream. Between February 1999 and December 2015 his day job was in sales and marketing, culminating in his appointment in '11 as national sales manager for Wirra Wirra (which he had joined in '08). Following his retirement from that position, he set in motion the wheels of Rouleur. He lives in Melbourne, with the Yarra in easy striking distance, and together he and Rob Hall source fruit and make the wines. He makes some of the wine in McLaren Vale, using the facilities at Dennis Winery and drawing on the expertise/assistance of personal winemaking friends when needed. Back in Melbourne he is transforming a dilapidated milk bar in North Melbourne into the inner city cellar door for Rouleur and he has leased an old vineyard in Wesburn.


Matt East grew up in the Yarra Valley and worked in the family vineyard from a young age.

After nearly 20 years in the wine industry, East set about creating his own wine brand which was based on a promise to his late father some years earlier.

Rouleur (roller) was inspired by long rides in the Yarra Valley, where he grew up and his adopted home in McLaren Vale, where he recently worked.

Exploring both regions by bike helped East source quality fruit and vineyards in both the Yarra Valley and McLaren Vale. Starting with Pinot Noir from the family’s original Coldstream vineyard, East and winemaker Rob Hall collaborate on three additional wines under the Rouleur label – Chardonnay from the Upper Yarra Valley together with a Grenache and Shiraz both from elevated Blewitt Springs vineyards in McLaren Vale.


Winemaker Matthew East
Established 2015
Dozens 2000
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 150 Bank Street, South Melbourne, Vic 3205 (postal)
Telephone 0419 100 929