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The Pawn Wine Co. began as a partnership between Tom Keelan and Rebecca Willson (Bremerton Wines) and David and Vanessa Blows. Tom was for some time manager of Longview Vineyards at Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, and consulted to the neighbouring vineyard, owned by David and Vanessa. In 2002 Tom and David decided to make some small batches of Petit Verdot and Tempranillo at Bremerton, where Tom is now vineyard manager. In 2017 Tom and Rebecca purchased David and Vanessa's share. David still supplies grapes to the Pawn Wine Co., and Tom works very closely with David and his 3 sons to produce food-friendly wines that reflect their origins. Exports to the UK and NZ.



The Pawn Wine Co. had its beginning in 2002 out of necessity when two mates – winemaker and viticulturist Tom Keelan and vigneron David Blows had their fruit deemed ‘not good enough’ by a particular nameless, soulless wine monolith. They had now become mere Pawns in the global wine game, doomed to be played and moved around, and ultimately sacrificed.
So the two rolled up their sleeves and decided to show the corporate colossal what could be made from fruit grown in their own neck of the hills. They set out to make small hand selected parcels of wine from alternative varieties grown in the Adelaide Hills. They had seen that alternative grape varieties were being used as blending tools by the bigger corporate wine companies and that the potential of “old world” wine styles were not being allowed to shine.
Like Pawns, these varieties were ignored or sacrificed by the dominating wine corporations and not being used as standalone artisanal Adelaide Hills wines of provenance.

In 2017 Tom and his wife Rebecca Willson (Bremerton Wines) purchased David and Vanessa's share of The Pawn Wine Co, marking a generational change for both family businesses.
With David and Vanessa wanting to start enjoying the fruits of their many years of labour with their increasing brood of grandchildren, and Tom and Rebecca craving their next challenge in a stunning region, this was a natural progression.
David still supplies many of the grapes to The Pawn Wine Co. and Tom works very closely with David and his 3 son's in ensuring that their vineyards continue to produce wines that are not only a bit unconventional, but enjoyable to drink, incredibly food friendly, and made in a style that reflects their true origins. The ultimate in hand crafted, Adelaide Hills, Artisanal wine.


Shiraz, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay

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Winemaker Tom Keelan
Established 2004
Dozens 10000
Vineyards (area) 35 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 10 Banksia Road, Macclesfield, SA 5153
Telephone 0438 373 247