Rhythm Stick Wines

South Australia | Clare Valley

James' Review

Rhythm Stick has come a long way in a short time, and with a small vineyard. It is owned by Ron and Jeanette Ely, who in 1997 purchased a 3.2ha property at Penwortham. The couple had already decided that in the future they would plant a vineyard, and simply to obtain experience they planted 135 cabernet sauvignon cuttings from Waninga Vineyards in four short rows. They produced a few dozen bottles of Cabernet a year, sharing it with friends. In 2002 they planted riesling, and the first harvest followed in '06, the grapes from this and the ensuing two vintages sold to Clare Valley winemakers. Prior to the '09 harvest they were advised that due to the GFC no grapes would be required, which advanced Ron's planned retirement after 40 years in electrical engineering consulting and management.


Winemaker Tim Adams
Established 2007
Dozens 1060
Vineyards (area) 1.62 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address 89 Campbell Road, Penwortham, SA 5453
Telephone (08) 8843 4325
Website www.rhythmstickwines.com.au