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It must have been a strange feeling for John Vickery to begin at the beginning again, 60 years after his first vintage in 1951. His interest in, love of and exceptional skills with riesling began with Leo Buring in ’55 at Château Leonay. Over the intervening years he became the uncrowned but absolute monarch of riesling makers in Australia until, in his semi-retirement, he passed the mantle on to Jeffrey Grosset. Along the way he had (unsurprisingly) won the Wolf Blass Riesling Award at the Canberra International Riesling Challenge 2007 and had been judged by his peers as Australia’s Greatest Living Winemaker in a survey conducted by The Age's Epicure in ’03. His new venture has been undertaken in conjunction with Phil Lehmann, with 12ha of Clare and Eden valley riesling involved and wine marketer Jonathon Hesketh moving largely invisibly in the background. The Da Vinci-code letters and numerals are easy when it comes to EVR (Eden Valley Riesling) and WVR (Watervale Riesling), but thereafter the code strikes. The numerics are the dates of harvest, thus ‘103’ is 10 March,‘172’ is 17 February. The initials that follow are even more delphic, standing for the name of the vineyard or those of the multiple owners. Exports to the UK, EU and Asia. -JH


Vickery Wines is the culmination of John Vickery's half-century of winemaking experience, partnered alongside our talented winemaking team. Together they create Rieslings that showcase John's extensive expertise with the most noble of white wine varieties. It begins in the regions where John made his mark. Eden Valley in the Barossa and Watervale in the Clare Valley. It goes further into the sub-districts of these regions that John knows intimately, and partnering with growers who have the right vineyards in the right locations to produce the best possible fruit. Once fruit is picked at optimum ripeness, Keeda and John employ the winemaking techniques that he has refined and perfected over time, to craft Rieslings that carry his signature style and fastidious quality standards. The Vickery label is in effect, a time capsule for John's wealth of winemaking knowledge. It allows his experience and winemaking techniques to be used without compromise, and then passed on to current and future generations of Riesling winemakers. -JH


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Winemaker John Vickery, Keeda Zilm
Established 2014
Dozens 10000
Vineyards (area) 18 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 7 Belvidere Road, Nuriootpa, SA 5355
Telephone (08) 8362 8622