Hundred of Comaum

South Australia | Coonawarra

James' Review

Stephen Moignard sits defiantly on an ancient backhoe with the registration plate DAVNET, even though the backhoe is not registered, and the plate came from a Ferrari he once owned. He was briefly CEO of the publicly-listed DAVNET, rising from 4c a share in 1999 to $5 just before the tech wreck of 2002 took it back to 10c. He made the BRW Rich List for one year, which excited the interest of various regulators. He says, ?You would be right to ask whether eight years of fighting de factos, ASIC and the ATO has sent [me] around the twist. Who cares? I?ll die here, and I can even dig the hole.? These days he has cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and riesling planted on Lot 1, Comaum School Road, Coonawarra, hence the brand name Hundred of Comaum. The Penola address is that of the Terra Rossa Wine Club Restaurant, which Stephen runs with business partner Tim Kidman of Woodblock Wines, and where Spanish-style tapas are available throughout the day, with Steve as chef. Exports to China.


Winemaker Keith Wilkens
Established 1999
Dozens 4000
Vineyards (area) 9.6 ha
Opening Hours 7 days 10-6
Address 48 Church Street, Penola, SA 5277
Telephone 0438 005 051