Jamiesons Run

South Australia | Coonawarra

Our Review

The wheel has turned full circle for Jamiesons Run. It started out as a single-label, mid-market, high-volume brand developed by Ray King during his time as CEO of Mildara. It grew and grew until Mildara, having many years since been merged with Wolf Blass, decided to rename the Mildara Coonawarra winery Jamiesons Run, with the Mildara label just one of a number falling under the Jamiesons Run umbrella. Now the Jamiesons Run winery is no more - Foster's sold it, but retained the brand. -JAMES HALLIDAY


The original Jamiesons Run was a remote outback sheep station owned by the Chaffey Brothers in the mid 1800s. Our wines, sourced from the premium Limestone Coast region in South Australia are named in tribute to this pioneering past.
Since the early 1950s Jamiesons Run has been crafting fruit with a winemaking focus that starts in the vineyard.
At Jamiesons Run we craft approachable wines from the Limestone Coast that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.



Winemaker Daniel Pritchard
Established 1987
Dozens NFP
Vineyards (area) N/A
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 58 Queensbridge Street, Southbank, Vic 3006
Telephone 1300 651 650
Website www.jamiesonsrun.com.au