Wood Block Wines

South Australia | Coonawarra

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Wood Block is the venture of Tim and Sarah Kidman, a family name that resonates in Coonawarra and in the minds of those who know the history of the eponymous cattle-grazing family. Tim was only three years old when his maternal grandfather, Grant Wood, first planted shiraz on the terra rossa soil. He and wife Sarah are now the third generation to care for the vineyard, which now comprises cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and viognier. Only a small part of the production is vinified under the Wood Block Wines label, by the infinitely experienced Peter Douglas.


Winemaker Peter Douglas (Contract)
Established 2009
Dozens 3500
Vineyards (area) 34.45 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address PO Box 318, Coonawarra, SA 5263
Telephone 0417 878 933
Website www.woodblockwines.com.au