Radford Wines

South Australia | Eden Valley

Our Review

I first met Ben Radford when he was working as a head winemaker at the Longridge/Winecorp group in Stellenbosch, South Africa. A bevy of international journalists grilled Ben, a French winemaker and a South African about the wines they were producing for the group. The others refused to admit that there were any shortcomings in the wines they had made (there were), but Ben took the opposite tack, criticising his own wines even though they were clearly the best. He and wife Gill are now the proud owners of a vineyard in the Eden Valley, with 1.2ha of riesling planted in 1930, another 1.1ha planted in '70, 1.7ha of shiraz planted in 2000 and 0.2ha of mataro planted in '10. Following Ben's appointment as winemaker at Rockford in '07, executive winemaking responsibilities are now Gill's. Exports to the UK, the US, Canada, Denmark and South Africa.


This winery is now closed.

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