Eden Valley Wine Region By James Halliday

Discover the wineries within this wine region. Use our Region Guide and map to help you plan your next winery visit and to learn more about this region. This content is taken from James Halliday’s Wine Atlas of Australia, which is available to buy in the Wine Companion bookshop.

Discover the wines and wineries of Eden Valley

Discover Eden Valley with James Halliday's Wine Atlas of Australia

Captain Joseph Gilbert planted the first vines at his Pewsey Vale vineyard in 1847, the same year as Johann Gramp planted the first vines in the Barossa Valley at Rowland Flat. By 1862 Gilbert had established a substantial vineyard and cellar described in a series of articles published in the Adelaide Advertiser and ultimately collected in a book entitled The Vineyards and Orchards of Australia in 1862. Sixteen acres (6.5 hectares) of vines were in full bearing, and the two-storey winery was in the course of being doubled in size. He was producing Riesling, Shiraz and Carbonet (an odd spelling of Cabernet Sauvignon), with stocks going back to 1852, his first vintage, and including a then-famous 1854 Riesling. So the Eden Valley has an equally long history of viticulture, and (surprisingly) covers an area as large as the Barossa Valley proper, albeit less intensely developed.

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Fast Facts

  • Latitude:
  • Altitude:
    380-550 m
  • Heat degree days:
  • Growing season rainfall:
    280 mm
  • Mean January temp:
  • Harvest:
    Mid March to early May
  • Chief viticultural hazard:
    Autumn rain

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