Lavina Wines

South Australia | McLaren Vale

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Lavina Wines is owned by Sam and Victoria Daw, who continue to rapidly build and expand the Lavina brand along with its sub-brands and private label to both domestic and overseas markets. The estate vineyards surrounding the winery are strictly showpiece, with an odd combination of 1ha of cabernet franc and 0.5ha of shiraz. The vast amount of the intake comes from over 40 contract growers and wineries with 8000ha of vineyards, the degree of difficulty being increased by the preference for biodynamically-grown fruit. The winery itself is state-of-the-art, with a new generation mechanised sorting table, and equipped with every other bit of whizz bang equipment needed. Exports to most major markets. -JH


Lavina Wines is owned by Sam and Victoria Daw who continue to rapidly build and expand the Lavina brand, along with its sub brands, private label and bulk wine divisions to both domestic and overseas markets.  Tim Whitrow is responsible for producing the new Grand Royale, Aurum and existing Select Series wines in the portfolio.  Fruit is sourced from select premium growers then crushed and vinified at Yangarra Estate using the state of the art Vaucher Beguet Mistral grape – sorter.   All wines are open fermented, hand plunged and basket pressed straight to oak.

To maintain ‘elasticity and diversity’, associated export company Lavina World Wine Export handles the bulk division which now ships close to 1 million litres and 50,000 dozen annually.  


                Lavina – 15,000 doz

                Sub Brands & Private Labels – 40,000 doz

Lavina Winemaker: Tim Whitrow

Brands: Grand Royale, Select Series, The Aurum Release, Lavina Gold Series, Meritus, Mitcham Estate, Latitute 35 Degrees 

Cellar Door: By appointment

Countries Exported:  NZ, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, Poland, Slovakia, USA

 Contact: Sam Daw 0421 359 068




Winemaker Tim Whitrow
Established 2004
Dozens 15 000
Vineyards (area) 2.5 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10-5,
Address 12 Beltunga Close, Blewitt Springs, SA 5171
Telephone (08) 8383 0928