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The Woodsoak farming property has been in the Legoe family for over 60 years, grazing cattle and sheep. In 1998 Will and Sonia Legoe diversified into grapegrowing, followed (inevitably) by a small batch of wine made in 2006 for family and friends; and finally the commercial establishment of Woodsoak Wines in ’10. The vineyard includes cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, merlot and pinot noir; the Cabernet, Shiraz and Rose are named after their three children, the Pyaar Pinot Noir after the Hindi word for love (the Legoes say,‘We ran out of children, and there was no call for more'). They have opened an Indian-inspired wine room in the main street of Robe. Exports to China, Hong Kong and Korea.


Woodsoak Wines is an exciting boutique wine label passionately run by Will and Sonia Legoe.

The Woodsoak property has been in our family for 60 years & is located in the picturesque Robe Region of South Australia. Past generations of the Legoe family would indulge in a fine drop of wine set amongst the beautiful landscape. The current generation, Will, has married his love of premium wine & Aussie tradition with the vibrancy & colour of Sonia’s Indian heritage. We have embodied this by using the national bird of India, the revered peacock, as our emblem.

Highly respected in discerning wine circles, our cool climate wines have enjoyed acclaim for their distinctive character, intense flavour and premium quality.

Named after our 3 children, we are proud to introduce our range of premium wine produced from grapes grown on our family property: Vijay Cabernet Sauvignon, Raj Shiraz, and Rani Rose. After running out of children to name our wine after, we added Pyaar Pinot (Hindi for love), Mayur Chardonnay (peacock - our emblem & the revered national bird of India) and Zaahira Sparkling Pinot/Chardonnay (aptly meaning luminous & sparkly)

We are delighted to be selling our boutique wine throughout the Robe district, via our facebook page, our website - www.woodsoakwines.com.au or direct by calling 0437 681 919. In December 2013, we were thrilled to open a Cellar Door in The Bookshop - a quirky heritage location for our local Robe friends to come in & enjoy our wine.

We love meeting our customers, so please contact us any time for a chat or a visit.



Winemaker Peta Baverstock (sparkling), Dan Berrigan (white), Sue Bell (red)
Established 2010
Dozens 2300
Vineyards (area) 22 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 20 Victoria Street, Robe, SA 5276
Telephone 0437 681 919
Website www.woodsoakwines.com.au