Bay of Fires

Tasmania | Northern Tasmania

James' Review

Hardys purchased its first grapes from Tasmania in 1994, with the aim of further developing and refining its sparkling wines, a process that quickly gave birth to House of Arras (see separate entry). The next stage was the inclusion of various parcels of chardonnay from Tasmania in the 1998 Eileen Hardy, then the development in 2001 of the Bay of Fires brand. Bay of Fires has had outstanding success with its table wines: Pinot Noir was obvious, the other wines typically of gold medal standard. Exports to the US, Asia and NZ.


The Bay of Fires winery was founded upon the vision and spirit of our dedicated winemaking and viticultural team, who believed Tasmania would one day be the pre-eminent region in Australia to produce cool climate wines. To this end, we search for the individual 'personalities' in every variety and vineyard, to craft wines which are unique, alluring and distinctively Tasmanian but never compromise on consistency or quality.

And at the heart of House of Arras is a simple philosophy -
Sourcing outstanding cold climate vineyard sites
Perfecting the craft – a fine balance of oenology and the art of blending.
Patience to allow the wine to mature at its own pace
Experience to know when it is at its best.

For more than a decade, the House of Arras team has been identifying and developing the ideal vineyard sites for world class sparkling wine. This journey has led the House of Arras to call the ancient soils and cold climate of Tasmania home. Its climate is significantly cooler than the mainland, with long summer daylight and maritime influences, which are Ideal conditions for long, slow and consistent fruit development.


Winemaker Penny Jones
Established 2001
Dozens NFP
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 11-4, w'ends 10-4
Address 40 Baxters Road, Pipers River, Tas 7252
Telephone (03) 6382 7622