Morningside Vineyard

Tasmania | Southern Tasmania

Our Review

The name ‘Morningside' was given to the old property on which the vineyard stands because it gets the morning sun first; the property on the other side of the valley was known as Eveningside. Consistent with the observation of the early settlers, the Morningside grapes achieve full maturity with good colour and varietal flavour. Production will increase as the vineyard matures; recent additions of clonally selected pinot noir (including 8104, 115 and 777) are now in bearing. The Bosworth family, headed by Peter and wife Brenda, do all the vineyard and winery work, with conspicuous attention to detail.


Winemaker Peter Bosworth
Established 1980
Dozens 600
Vineyards (area) 2.8 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address 711 Middle Tea Tree Road, Tea Tree, Tas 7017
Telephone (03) 6268 1748
Website N/A