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Martin Williams collects degrees like those who collect postage stamps, his Master of Wine almost incidental to his wine career. His academic career started with chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Sydney, moving to the US to complete his masters at the University of California in 1991. By this time he had worked in Burgundy ('88-89) with Domaine Tollot-Beaut and Domaine Anne Gros. He arrived in the Yarra Valley for the '92 vintage with a deep love and respect for pinot noir and chardonnay. Between then and 2000 he worked for Tarrawarra, Hardys, Rosemount, Petaluma and Virgin Hills. In '00 he became a partner and director of Master Winemakers, a significant contract winemaking business in the Yarra Valley. In early '07 Master Winemakers was acquired by Hardys/Accolade and Martin returned to academia and obtained a doctorate in medicinal chemistry from Monash University in '12. He returned to the wine world in '15 and is now chief winemaker for Tallarook, a winery that has had a chequered existence after the vineyard was planted in 1980. It was intended to be a feature of a Porsche racing event centre, the track on the 475ha property on which the vineyard is planted. In '17 it was acquired by the Yang family. Only a token amount of wine is sold in Australia, China taking the lion's share.


Winemaker Martin Williams MW
Established 1980
Dozens 7000
Vineyards (area) 12 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address 140 Evans Road, Tallarook, 3569
Telephone 0423 205 370
Website www.tallarookwines.com.au