Ponda Estate

Victoria | Geelong

Our Review

Ponda Estate's small vineyard is situated on the Bellarine Taste Trail, 15 minutes from Geelong and five minutes from Ocean Grove. The low-yielding vines are managed by owners Peter Congdon and Tracey Frigo, who are committed to using sustainable and organic viticultural practices. Babydoll sheep and chooks work the block to sort out weeds/bugs and provide fertilisation for the vines, and each year family and friends gather to help pick the grapes and celebrate harvest. Peter and Tracey also source a small amount of chardonnay from local growers.


Winemaker Ray Nadeson, Darren Burke
Established 2000
Dozens 400
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Oct-Apr w'ends & public hols 10-5
Address 150 Rhinds Road, Wallington, Vic 3221
Telephone 0438 845 696
Website www.pondaestate.com.au