Occam's Razor | Lo Stesso

Victoria | Heathcote

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Emily McNally (nee Laughton) decided to follow in her parents' footsteps after first seeing the world and having a range of jobs. Having grown up at Jasper Hill, winemaking was far from strange, but she decided to find her own way, buying grapes from a small vineyard owned by Jasper Hill employee Andrew Conforti and his wife Melissa. She made the wine ‘with guidance and inspiration from my father'. The name comes from William of Ockham (1285-1349), also spelt Occam, a theologian and philosopher responsible for many sayings, including that appearing on the back label of the wine, ‘what can be done with fewer is done in vain with more'. Lo Stesso is made by Emily and friend Georgia Roberts, who purchase 2.5t of fiano from a vineyard in Heathcote, making the wine at Jasper Hill. Exports to the UK, the US, Canada and Singapore.


Winemaker Emily McNally, Georgia Roberts
Established 2001
Dozens 370
Vineyards (area) 2.5 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address c/- Jasper Hill, Drummonds Lane, Heathcote, Vic 3523
Telephone (03) 5433 2528
Website www.jasperhill.com.au