Berrys Bridge

Victoria | Pyrenees

James' Review

While the date of establishment is 1990, Roger Milner purchased the property in ?75. In the mid-?80s, with Jane Holt, he began the construction of the stone house-cum-winery. Planting of the existing vineyard commenced in ?90, and has been managed on what is described as an ?ecologically friendly option when selecting vineyard inputs. Many species of insect-eating birds love this habitat contributing to a healthy and diverse environment?. Jane has a Bachelor of Wine Science from CSU, while Roger worked at Chateau Reynella in the ?70s. They moved to the vineyard full-time in ?98, helped by Ian McDonald, who moved from a corporate background to the more friendly ambience of Berrys Bridge. Exports to the US and Switzerland.


Winemaker Jane Holt
Established 1990
Dozens 1000
Vineyards (area) 7 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address 633 Carapooee Road, Carapooee, Vic 3478
Telephone (03) 5496 3220