Oranje Tractor

Western Australia | Great Southern

James' Review

The name celebrates the 1964 vintage orange-coloured Fiat tractor acquired when Murray Gomm and Pamela Lincoln began the establishment of the vineyard. Murray was born next door, but moved to Perth to work in physical education and health promotion. Here he met nutritionist Pamela, who completed the wine science degree at CSU in 2000, before being awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study organic grape and wine production in the US and Europe. When the partners established their vineyard, they went down the organic path.


Oranje Tractor Wine is a small, organic wine producer located on the pristine south coast of Western Australia near Albany.


Winemaker Rob Diletti
Established 1998
Dozens 1100
Vineyards (area) 2.6 ha
Opening Hours Sun 11-5 or by appt
Address 198 Link Road, Albany, WA 6330
Telephone (08) 9842 5175
Website www.oranjetractor.com