Western Australia | Perth Hills

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Lyn and Michael Sykes became the owners of Hainault in 2002. The Hainault vineyard is nestled in jarrah forest high in the Perth Hills, at 400m it is the highest vineyard in WA, and one of the coldest. It was originally selected as Gungin orchard early last century and was replanted as a vineyard in 1978 by Peter Fimmel, one of the pioneers of the Perth Hills wine region. The close-planted vines are hand-pruned and hand-picked, and the pinot noir is very sensibly used to make a sparkling wine, rather than a table wine. Exports to China.


Rating Not Rated
Winemaker Damian Hutton (Contract)
Established 1980
Dozens 1500
Vineyards (area) 5.5 ha
Opening Hours W'ends & public hols 11-5
Address 255 Walnut Road, Bickley, WA 6076
Telephone (08) 9293 8339
Website www.hainault.com.au