Low-Alcohol Wines for Lighter Indulging

By Georgia Spanos

4 Jan, 2019

Here's a list of low-alcohol bottles, when enjoying the lighter side of life.

Wine exists in many styles and colours – from white to red, sparkling to still, dry to sweet, and the list goes on. Alcohol content, as we’ve recently learnt, has leapt to the top of considerations when browsing wine, and because of this, low-alcohol bottles have populated shelves. Here are those low-alcohol bottles, which taste fantastic, ranging from 12% ABV downward.

Low-Alcohol Wine, Halliday

  • 12%

2018 Jacob’s Creek Classic Sauvignon Blanc (12.2%) glistens with the classic notes of its type: citrus and stone fruits, with fresh acidity. This wine lingers on the palate, long after a sip is enjoyed.

  • 11%

NV T’Gallant Sparkling Prosecco (11.5%) shows a dry, yet zesty personality, with pear and red apples shining bright above all. Its beads are delicate and will bubble for lengths.

2017 Pikes Traditionale Riesling (11.5%) is produced the Clare Valley, where the majority of exceptional Australian riesling grapes grow on vines dating back to 1878. Lime and lemon citrus flavours are immediately recognised, with a secondary reminder that apples (both green and red) could be also be present.

  • 10%

2018 Jacob’s Creek Twin Pickings Sauvignon Blanc Moscato (10%) prides light and fresh qualities, with a splash of moscato bianco giving a sweet touch to the bottle. This wine is particularly aromatic, yet ever refreshing.

  • 9%

2017 The People’s Sessions Sauvignon Blanc (9.5%) shows a citrus personality, bringing passionfruit first forward. A great summer choice in the late afternoon, when easing your way through the gorgeous summer sundown.

  • 8%

2018 Lindeman's Early Harvest Crisp Dry White (8.5%) is widely celebrated as a flavoursome bottle, that’s refreshing and waistline friendly. Light is its key element, with exotic fruits including papaya that come after.

NV De Bortoli Emeri Pink Moscato (8%) tastes just as delightful as it looks. Expect floral aromas, including roses and violets, with summer berries leading the palate; strawberry, raspberry and cherry are equally strong.

  • 7%

2017 Amberly Kiss & Tell Moscato (7%) presents rose petal on the nose, with sweet pear notes on the tongue. A crisp wine, that’s sweet and delicate too.

  • 6%

2017 Woodstock Little Miss Collett Moscato Mclaren Vale (6.5%) is the ultimate festive drink colouring sweet party pink. It breathes musk and lemon blossoms scents, and strawberry and lychee tastes.

  • 5% AND UNDER

2016 Albino Rocca Moscato D'Asti (5%) is structured and smooth, with mineral and citrus flavours dancing wonderfully together in the mouth. It's also sweet, thanks to its honeyed apricot and nectarine elements. On the nose, flower bushes can be found.

Edenvale Shiraz Alcohol Removed (0.5%) has a fantastic reputation for its fine shiraz qualities, despite (most of) its alcohol being removed after fermentation. Its body is full, with berry flavours that lather around the mouth. A strong choice for shiraz lovers.

  • 0%

Maggie Beer Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay (0%) is a completely non-alcoholic wine crafted from the juice of chardonnay grapes. As expected, chardonnay characteristics are still present, including passionfruit, mangoes, and even papaya. It’s a versatile bottle, that’s great in fruit mocktails, or simply with soda. Enjoy whilst lying by the pool this summer.

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Many wines labelled 'alcohol-free' in Australia can still contain a level of 0.5% ABV. There are a multitude of reasons why these wines, although technically containing alcohol, are labelled alcohol-free. A principle reason being that you cannot become intoxicated from 0.5% ABV. Also, alcohol content is often found in foods consumed daily, take rye bread, or pizza dough for instance, ripe bananas, and even brioche buns (that actually contain some of the highest alcohol levels nearly doubling alcohol-free wine). If we’re consuming more alcohol than 0.5% ABV in everyday foods, it is considered safe to label wine at 0.5% ABV as alcohol-free. However, if you are looking to avoid alcohol completely, there are bottles available, as suggested above.