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Four drinks for Dry July

By Halliday Promotion

3 Jul, 2024

These four zero-alcohol options will help see you through Dry July.

If you're going alcohol-free for Dry July, a month when people are encouraged to give up alcohol in support of those affected by cancer, then below are four lighter drinking options.

From ALTINA comes the zero per cent Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc, a drop that will pair with roast chicken this winter, or with freshly shucked oysters in the sunnier months.

A shiraz fan? Pure Vision's Zero Shiraz is slightly oaked and will match tomato-based pasta dishes and, of course, pizza. For those who reach for sauvignon blanc year-round, the McGuigan Zero range has you covered. It's just $13 a bottle and matches soft cheeses, along with a range of antipasto.

Ever had a Bees Knees? It's the top non-alcoholic cocktail from the team at Banks Botanicals – they've even shared the recipe. Serve the zesty cocktail alongside smoked cheeses or your favourite manchego. 

ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc

ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc

The perfect blend of premium de-alcoholised sauvignon blanc and native Australian finger lime. Bright aromas of white nectarine, zingy lime and fresh cucumber. A crisp, lingering finish underpinned with herbaceous notes. This zero-alcohol alternative is dry and low in calories, perfect for everyday drinking.

ALTINA says: If you’re taking some time off alcohol but still want to enjoy a delicious food pairing, this should be your go-to. ALTINA’s Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect alternative to a quality, dry white wine. It has a nuanced and layered palate thanks to the botanicals that enhance the varietal characters. It works beautifully with ALTINA’s other still and sparkling wines to create a multi-course pairing journey (it also works just as well for a casual pasta night at home).

H. What makes this zero-alcohol option so reliable during Dry July? 
A. Our scientist Christina crafts our drinks to mimic the experience of alcoholic wine, and makes sure they taste delicious. The botanicals help the palate build in complexity as you sip, while adding weight and mouthfeel. Our customers love that it isn’t overly sweet as we don’t add any sugars or grape juice concentrate.

H. Tell us about the winemaking process for the Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc.
A. ALTINA takes a unique approach to non-alcoholic wine. We use premium wine from the best Australian regions and gently remove the alcohol. We then blend the de-alcoholised wine with native Australian finger lime, along with other botanical ingredients that highlight the varietal elements of the wine, while improving the depth and complexity that is often lost when alcohol is removed. We don’t add sugars or sweeteners, which ensures the wine is deliciously dry and easy to drink.

Suggested food pairing: Pair the ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc with sage butter roast chicken or a creamy smoked salmon risotto in the cooler months. Enjoy it in the sun with freshly shucked oysters, a burrata salad or grilled garlic prawns.

RRP $22 | Drink to 2026 | 0% alc. | Shop this drink |

Pure Vision Zero Shiraz

Pure Vision Zero Shiraz

This award-winning, non-alcoholic shiraz has been made by the Carypidis Family with organically and sustainably grown grapes in Virginia, South Australia. The alcohol has gently been removed to produce a contemporary, vibrant shiraz with a deep plum colour, flavours of plum and berry and a hint of oak. This wine contains no artificial sugar, is vegan friendly and has been made with organically grown grapes.

Pure Vision says: This is a great alternative to your winter reds. Enjoy a glass in front of a fireplace while watching your favourite Netflix show, pour a glass for workplace drinks or at a celebration this month. Being a light red this wine can also be enjoyed chilled for a refreshing drink.

H. What makes this zero-alcohol option so reliable during Dry July?
PV. Our Zero Shiraz is a great alternative to a red wine. It's slightly oaked, rich in berry flavours and very approachable. This non-alcoholic shiraz is the perfect beverage to enjoy this Dry July.

H. Tell us about the winemaking process for the Pure Vision Zero Shiraz.
PV. The technology used to de-alcoholise our organic wines is based on a controlled vacuum and temperature-controlled process that separates the aroma fraction from the wine and then removes the alcohol. This process removes as much alcohol as required in a single pass, which reduces handling of the product. It's a delicate process to ensure we retain as much flavour as possible.

Suggested food pairing: The Zero Shiraz is such a great wine on its own, but our ultimate food pairing recommendations are grilled salmon and tuna meals, pasta with tomato-based sauces, pizza and delicate cheeses such as feta, mozzarella and ricotta.

RRP $18 | Drink now | 0% alc. | Shop this drink – 20% off this July |

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

Generous aromas of gooseberry and citrus fruits with a subtle grassy tone. This refreshing full-flavoured sauvignon blanc delivers flavours of passionfruit and lime whilst finishing clean and crisp.

McGuigan Wines say: Whether you're winding down after work or heading to a dinner party on the weekend, McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc allows you to still participate, without the hangxiety and dehydration the next day.

H. What makes this zero-alcohol option so reliable during Dry July?
MW. McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for any occasion where you want to enjoy wine without the alcohol. It features the same flavour profile and characteristics of alcoholic wines; you likely won’t notice the difference.

H. Tell us about the winemaking process for the Zero Sauvignon Blanc.
MW. Post fermentation, McGuigan Zero uses the latest spinning cone technology, working at low temperatures to gently remove the alcohol to ensure the wines maintain their delicate fruit flavours. McGuigan Zero wines are all grape-derived, with no artificial sweeteners or additives used in the process. This means our alcohol-free wine is of the highest quality possible.

Suggested food pairing: Pair the McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc with soft cheese, antipasto, fish, roast chicken, pork and salad.

RRP $13 | Drink now | 0% alc. | Shop this drink |

Banks Botanicals Herbarium Batch Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Banks Botanicals Herbarium Batch Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Mountain-fresh Yarra Valley water distilled with cinnamon tones of cassia and fresh high notes of lemon myrtle and lime. Add to this the nutty roasted taste of wattleseed and the spice of the wild Tasmanian pepperberry and you have a strong, memorable finish that lingers long after the final sip.

Banks recipe: The simplest way to enjoy Banks is with tonic over ice and garnish with a lime. Our favourite non-alcoholic cocktail for Dry July is a Bees Knees. It's a bright and zesty Prohibition-Era cocktail that will have you buzzing with delight.

To make 
60ml Banks Botanicals 
40ml honey syrup 
15ml lemon juice (approx. half a lemon) 
Martini glass 
Garnish with cinnamon stick

H. What makes this zero-alcohol option so reliable during Dry July?
B. The flavour profile of Banks is unique. We use the potential of native Australian botanical flavours to create complex, non-alcoholic drinks and explore tastes beyond creating replications of traditional alcoholic spirits. Using native botanicals, Banks is Australian in taste, sophisticated and bold. Banks is crafted to be mixed, and to offer anyone choosing not to drink alcohol (or drinking less) a complex drink that can be enjoyed and savoured. Banks is organic, 100 per cent sugar free, vegan and gluten free.

H. Tell us about the process of making the Banks Botanicals Herbarium Batch.
B. Banks is distilled in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. In crafting Banks, our approach is unique in the way we use a traditional distillation process. Each botanical is individually batch distilled before blending to create our unique taste. We distil using only water and either organic or wild harvested botanicals. We use no extracts or concentrates in our process. In some of our botanicals that contain a high oil content (such as lemon myrtle), we create pure essential oil as a secondary product to our distillation process. Banks was recognised as the World’s Best Regional Non-Alc Distiller at the New York Spirits Competition in 2022. 

Suggested food pairing: A great food pairing for Banks is a charcuterie board of cured cold meats, cheese and olives. The rich, salty and earthy flavours in cold meats mingle with the citrus undertones in Banks and the nuttiness of the wattleseed pairs well with cheeses like manchego, creamier goats cheeses and smoked cheeses. A well-mixed Banks and tonic makes a refreshing drink to sip alongside a grazing board.

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