Atze's Corner Wines

South Australia | Barossa Valley

James' Review

The seemingly numerous members of the Kalleske family have widespread involvement in grapegrowing and winemaking in the Barossa Valley. This venture is that of Andrew Kalleske, son of John and Barb. In 1975 they purchased the Atze Vineyard, which included a small block of shiraz planted in '12, but with additional plantings along the way, including more shiraz in '51. Andrew purchases some grapes from the family vineyard. It has 20ha of shiraz, with small amounts of mataro, petit verdot, grenache, cabernet, tempranillo, viognier, petite sirah, graciano, montepulciano, vermentino and aglianico. The wines are all estate-grown and made onsite. Exports to the US.


Lying on the Barossa Valley floor, shadowed in the mornings by the rolling hills to the east, Atze’s Corner is a beautiful spot to sit and take in the glowing sunrises in the morning’s dawn. For generations the Atze family has farmed the land, tended the vineyards and shared their hospitality at their grand old stone house which sits on an unassuming corner which became affectionately known by the locals as “Atze’s Corner”. Adjacent to the grand old house stand two Shiraz vineyards planted with blood, sweat and tears by the Atze family and their fellow German migrant workers in 1912 and 1951. With all the Barossa Valley’s German influences, smells of the bakeries, old stone buildings, thatched roofs, horse and cart, draught horses heaving the plow through the vineyard, it’s not hard to imagine the sense of satisfaction these German speaking folk would have had planting the original vineyard in 1912. The German migrants, who made the treacherous journey in the mid 1800′s by boat, horse back and foot, to the dry, hot summers and cold wet winters of the Barossa Valley, a one hour drive by car, North East of Adelaide. 135 years on, in 1975, a descendant of the first boat load of German migrants to South Australia, John Kalleske and his wife Barb (also of German descent) had the privilege of purchasing the old Atze Vineyards from their friends and neighbours, Norm and Arnold Atze. John and Barb pruning the 100 year old Shiraz. This vineyard was once owned by the Atze family. With laser like focus and blisters on their hands from the hard work, John and Barb have tended these vines, never compromising on their efforts to help the vines reach up to their full potential. A downturn in the wine industry saw a corporate takeover of the winery which took the fruit from these vines. As with many takeovers, jobs were lost, people replaced and somehow the fruit from these vineyards was soon to be lost in the system, and it went missing in action for some time. Andrew Kalleske standing next to the 100 year old vine which can be seen on the Atze's Corner wine Label. Seeing the precious opportunity John and Barb handed the fruit from these old blocks to their son Andrew to fulfil his dream of taking some of the fruit from his families’ vineyards and bottling it into a new wine label. This was the first step to ensuring these vineyards’ survival and a hope that they would no longer have the fate of becoming forgotten heroes like many other old vineyards in the valley before them. The chosen name of the wine label would pay tribute to the little corner which became a landmark to Barossan locals; the charismatic family that planted, loved and worked the corner and these two surviving old vineyards gaining the recognition they deserve for setting underway one of the Regions little known secrets, ”Atze’s Corner”.


Winemaker Contract, Andrew Kalleske
Established 2005
Dozen 2000
Vineyards (area) 30
Opening Hours By appt
Address Box 81, Nuriootpa, SA 5355
Telephone / Fax 0407 621 989
(08) 8562 1989