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Redman has been making wine in Coonawarra for over 110 years – and Coonawarra cabernet for 50 years. Brothers Bruce (winemaker) and Mal (general manager) and Bruce’s sons Dan (winemaker and marketer) and Mike (assistant winemaker and cellarhand), represent the 4th and fifth generations of the family business. Their prestige cuvée is The Redman, a blend of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and merlot.
Exports to China, the UK, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. -JAMES HALLIDAY


The Redman brand has a single minded focus and that is ‘celebrating enduring reds’. The Redman brand is the manifestation of the Redman family. It is imbued with a tradition whereby the best of the past is carried forward – 110 years of producing wine in a hands-on and intimate fashion. There is not only respect for what Bill Redman established four generations ago, but also an absolute passion to ensure that his simple and proven wine producing practices are carried forward for another 100 years.
It is why the Redman vineyard remains a boutique holding – viable but small enough to always demand the personal involvement and touch of a generation of Redmans. It is a wine making craft that is lovingly and thoughtfully handed down from generation to generation. It beckons getting your hands dirty, developing an absolute feel for the wonders of the Coonawarra terra rossa soils and developing a knowledgeable and intuitive understanding of what it means to make truly great traditional reds. It also requires from each generation a commitment to leave the land and vines in a manner that surpasses the quality of the previous generation. The expectations are high, but the rewards feed the spirit of what it means to be a Redman.

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Winemaker Bruce Redman, Daniel Redman
Established 1966
Dozens 18 000
Vineyards (area) 34 ha
Viticulturist Malcolm, Michael Redman
Opening Hours Mon–Fri 9–5, w'ends 11–4
Address 14830 Riddoch Highway, Coonawarra, SA 5263
Telephone (08) 8736 3331