Western Australia | Frankland River

James' Review

Known for producing consistent examples of cool-climate wines across multiple price brackets, the Ferngrove stable includes the Stirlings, Orchid, Frankland River and Symbols ranges. Ferngrove Vineyards Pty Ltd enjoys the benefits of majority international ownership, but remains Australian-run. Exports to all major markets.


Ferngrove Wines, in Frankland River, is one of the world’s most isolated wine estates. While this isolation makes the logistics of winemaking tough, it is also what makes Ferngrove wines distinctly different.

Selected in 1998 for its favourable viticultural location 90 kilometres from the coast, Great Southern’s valleys and slopes have the rare combination of rugged, classically West Australian ancient soils and the cooling influence of the converging Southern and Indian Oceans. This unique setting allows grapes to ripen at a slower rate, giving the winemaking team the time to cultivate and nurture vines to produce their absolute best fruit.

We work with the land using the resources around us, channelling rainfall as a supplementary irrigation system and nurturing the area’s native forests, preserving the native wildflowers and orchids, to help improve the natural biodiversity. Ferngrove is also home to one of Australia’s largest winery solar power systems; operating and thriving by its very connection to and harmony with the land.

It is this relationship with the land which influences Ferngrove. Named after the road the winery and home vineyards sit upon, Ferngrove’s iconic red The Stirlings is an acknowledgement of the mountain ranges which are conspicuous on the Great Southern skyline; and the Ferngrove Orchid wines are a tribute to the Western Australian native orchids that grow on the remnant bush on the estate. It is no surprise then that our distinctive Ferngrove symbol is an interpretation of the local bracken fern found around the winery, signalling new botanical growth.


Winemaker Craig Grafton
Established 1998
Dozens NFP
Vineyards (area) 340 ha
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10-4
Address 276 Ferngrove Road, Frankland River, WA 6396
Telephone (08) 9363 1300
Website www.ferngrove.com.au