Insights From a Halliday Wine Companion Member

Discover what it's like to be a Halliday Wine Companion member, with these exclusive insights from a wine enthusiast.

Being a Halliday Wine Companion member means you have access to more than 120000 Australian tasting notes to intrigue your palate, while also learning more about Australian wine through variety statistics, winery reviews, vintage snapshots and more. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive wine lists crafted by Australia's leading wine experts, exploring different varietals, regions and wine trends. Here, we speak with valued digital member Joachim Enevoldsen, on his experiences as a user.

Q. How often do you use the Halliday Wine Companion website? 

A. I use it every day. I find it relaxing to view my online cellar before going to sleep each night; swooning over it is my lullaby.   

Q. What function do you find most useful, and what do you use it for specifically?

A. Ranking the newest tasting notes, from highest to lowest, is most useful to me. Particularly, when the book comes out every August, it helps me find great value wines to buy. The other aspect is organising a vast personal cellar – monitoring my cellar and being able to track when to drink wines is a valuable resource.  

Q. What do you rely on Halliday Wine Companion for?

A. Purchasing wine for my cellar. More than 95 per cent of my purchases are based on Halliday Wine Companion ratings, as having a reviewer with similar tastes is invaluable. I love old wine. Tasting a wine and knowing how it will age is a very special gift that comes from decades of experience and natural talent. I’ve lost count of how many wines I’ve tried, and at the time of purchasing thought, that’s not worth the high score it received. Then, 8 to 12 years later, they’ve been unbelievable – to the point where I’ve wondered if Halliday Wine Companion have a time machine!

Q. In what instances do you use the tasting notes?

A. I like to compare the tasting notes I write with those on the Halliday Wine Companion website. I use them for purchasing most of my wines for the cellar, and at restaurants too.  

Q. How has Halliday Wine Companion provided value to your everyday life? 

A. It has made me a much happier person. I’m able to drink good wine all the time, without having to pay a fortune for it.

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