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Delicious Wines for Easter Classics

By Georgia Spanos

5 Apr, 2019

Easter is a time for gathering with family and friends, taking a well-deserved break, and indulging in seasonal treats. Here are the dishes that feature most during the holiday, coupled with the wines that complement them best.

hot cross

Good Friday: fish

Many fish dishes are enjoyed throughout Easter, particularly on Good Friday. Whether you choose to bake your fish with herbs and spices, grill it and serve it with lemon, or deep-fry it in batter will determine which wine you choose. Chardonnay is a great choice thanks to the diverse styles you can find: try leaner examples with lighter dishes (grilled or baked), and fruit-forward, lightly-oaked versions with richer flavours (fried and with batter).

Easter Sunday: lamb

For many, a Sunday lunch with a show-stopping main and a variety of sides is a feature of Easter. Roast lamb is a popular option, providing an opportunity to open some rich, structured wines. The tannin of these wines can cut through the fattiness of the meat for a balanced companionship. Try tempranillo, featuring berry and leather notes, or nebbiolo, with its cherry and anise. Cabernet sauvignon is another lamb-friendly red.

Indulgent side dishes

Common side dishes enjoyed with Easter mains include cheesy potato gratin and devilled eggs. With these comfort-style foods, try sparkling wines with the acidity to refresh the palate — prosecco is an especially good choice. If you’re introducing honey-glazed carrots or asparagus to the menu, a fresh riesling or sauvignon blanc will work well.

Easter bread and treats

Easter would not be complete without spicy bread and chocolatey treats. Almost every bakery will be offering its take on the classic hot cross bun — when devouring them, enjoy a glass of sherry to further emphasise the spice and dried fruit. For the dozens of Easter eggs that are gifted and received, read reviewer Campbell Mattinson’s take on pairing wine with chocolate.

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